International humanitarian and relief missions
Pakistan 2004 - earthquke, EST USAR
Pakistan 2005 - WFP/ IHP support,
Nagorny Karabakh 2005 - OSCE leading assesment mission ,
Ukraine 2008 - floods , EUCPT assessment mission,
Haiti 2010 - earthquake, WFP/IHP support mission,
Haiti 2010 - earthquake , WFP/ IHP support mission, IHP temleader
Philpinnes 2013 - typhoon, WFP/IHP support mission, EST teamleader
Ukraine 2015 - humanitarian aid, EUCPT coordination team

National relief opertaions

Forest fires Ida- Virumaal,
Floods 2005

International projects
Swedish- Estonian - Armenian joint project for development   Armenian Fire- and Rescue Service

Fire safety

Number of training and  exercises at national level
MOTO sport
Estonian Grand Prix - safety and security planning+ resscue teams
FIA NEZ F4 - safety and security planning + resscue and extrication teams
Palanga 1000km race - rescue team,
auto24ring - marshals and emergency response teams trainings
Security Services
Public events security palanning and management